Training & Support

Having installed the School Lab, we begin a profound, long-term collaboration with the school’s teachers. The process starts with an initial course of 24 hours, and continues with monthly workshops, onsite support, and participation in our Teachers Academy. This academy is an international community of Mind Lab teachers and educators who wish to share experiences with their colleagues, and benefit from a wide range of cutting-edge pedagogical resources.

Initial Course

  • A 24-hour course covering the pillars of the Mind Lab Method
  • Preparing teachers concretely to deliver their first Mind Lab lessons
  • Providing both theoretical and application-oriented tools

Ongoing Support

  • Monthly onsite support sessions, prescheduled with each school
  • Mind Lab’s pedagogical teams work with small groups of teachers
  • Reflecting on teachers’ experiences and preparing the upcoming lessons

Teachers Academy

  • Provides an online support and resource centre
  • Includes advanced training literature, software, and videos
  • Offers national and international events for all Mind Lab teachers