Personal Student Kits

All Mind Lab students receive personal Student Kits that accompany them throughout each school year. There are 12 different Student Kits – one for each grade, from Pre-K to Grade 10. All Student Kits include two colorful and engaging exercise books, exciting educational software, and a unique Mind Lab game for the whole family.

Exercise Books

  • Used by teachers as an integral part of the Mind Lab lessons
  • Provide students with an additional opportunity to practice at home

Educational Software

  • An exciting way to play selected Mind Lab games alone or with friends
  • An instructive tool to recap the main thinking skills learned during class
  • An opportunity to join the global online community of Mind Lab students

The Family Game

  • Provides a great way to unite the whole family for many hours of fun with huge educational added value
  • Brings parents closer to their kids, and opens a window into their children’s lives and experiences at school