School Lab

When we launch the Mind Lab project in a new school, we start by installing the School Lab. The complete School Lab includes all the substantive materials necessary for a successful implementation of our methodology:

Mind Lab Curricula

  • Includes 12 yearly programs of 36 lessons each
  • Designed for students ages 4 to 15, from Pre-K through Grade 10
  • A flexible and modular structure allows students to join Mind Lab at any age, and teachers – to utilize the curriculum for a variety of pedagogical purposes.

Mind Lab Games

  • More than 50 different types of games are incorporated throughout the various Mind Lab curricula.
  • The School Lab includes a sufficient quantity of games sets of each type, enabling each student a hands-on experience in every lesson.

Teachers Resource Centre

  • Detailed lesson plans, covering each and every lesson
  • Textbooks, educational software, and assessment tools for teachers
  • Large game boards, activity cards, and assorted demonstration accessories