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Mind Lab Program is a world-wide innovative methodology for the development of 21st century life skills through the instruction of strategy & thinking games.

We’ve developed a unique approach, endorsed by Yale University, that fills the gap between school education and real life challenges. We do this by teaching students HOW to think rather than telling them WHAT to think.

During the course the concepts are applied to real life situations, allowing children to make transference from game scenarios to real life experiences and scholastic achievements.

Our courses are offered at over 120 schools and educational centers all over Florida and we have more than 9 years of proven success under our belt!

We are approved Vendors in every county in the state of Florida. All of our instructors are background checked and we will be glad to provide you with our Liability of insurance certificate.

The Mind Lab Methodology has 3 stages:


1. The first stage begins with the children indulging in game playing and acquiring a “toolbox” of concepts and strategies.

2. The second stage is based on a series of meta-cognitive thinking models developed by the Mind Lab Group. The models are initially related to the games and are later on applied in different areas of the children’s life and studies. These thinking models serve as a bridge between the world of games and real life.

 3. In the third stage, the children learn how to apply the knowledge derived from the game experience to their own personal life and scholastic achievements.

Mind Lab comes to you for in-school field trips, summer camp field trips, after-school programs, city events and teacher “in-service” workshops.

We can tailor the field trip to meet your specific needs: STEM, study skills, FCAT prep, social or emotional skills enhancement. With more than 200 International award-winning game selection, we turn Education into child’s Play.

Our Field Trips are usually structured as exciting 60 minute classes that are offered back to back at your location.

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