Two Successful Conferences Held in Brazil!

Mind Lab Brazil and Mind Group – our International Community for Cooperation in Education – recently held two successful conferences. These two wonderful events were part of the ongoing activity of an educational community established by Mind Lab Group and Mind Lab Brazil called the Mind Group Community.

Three of Mind Lab Group’s senior staff members: Mr. Ehud Shachar, Mr. Nadav Agozi and Mr. Tzvika Feldfogel have recently returned from a visit in Brazil and had the privilege of participating in these conferences.

The first conference, held on August 21st was a “closed meeting” conference for important decision and policy makers from various Brazilian states, municipalities and prestigious private and public schools.

During the conference, several important lectures were given by highly appreciated speakers and professionals in the field of curricular research, test-standardization, and correct management of public education budgets.

In another part of the conference, Mind Lab Brazil’s Marketing Director, Mr. Alvaro Luis Cruz interviewed Mind Lab’s own Marketing Director and President of the Mind Group Community, Mr. Feldfogel on Mind Lab’s activities worldwide.

The second conference, the “Mind Lab Symposium” was held the next day. Over 500 educators and managers took part in this grand, impressive event.

The main concept behind the symposium was the “need to change the way in which the future generation is educated”. Among the speakers in this conference were – Professor. Yves de La Taille, Professor Lino de Macedo, and Professor Mario Sergio Cortella – three of the most respected philosophers and writers in the area of education in Brazil.

The conference also included Mind Lab Workshops held by representatives from ten local schools which have successfully incorporated the Mind Lab curriculum.

Various other original ideas of our local Partners from Mind Lab Brazil added a beautiful local touch to the event. For instance, actors dressed as the Mind Lab Models (Thinking Tree model, Stoplight model, Ladder model, etc.) mingling among the participants were a delightful sight!

To watch a short video from this event follow this link:

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Brazilian Staff on “job well done” – amazingly well done! – and thank them for their kind and warm hospitality.