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Mind Lab is an innovative in-school methodology for the development of thinking abilities and life skills through strategy games. We invite you to implement the Mind Lab Method in your school. More...
Preparing the next generation to the challenges of the 21st century
We accomplish this by strengthening a broad range of cognitive, emotional, and social skills; by teaching children how to think reflectively; and by encouraging students to “learn how to learn.” More...
Assisting schools in their ongoing efforts to improve educational quality
We collaborate with schools by integrating our methodology into their curricula, and by providing the schools' own teachers with innovative educational programs and pedagogical tools that work. More...

Mind Lab Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun, energetic and enriching experience for your child’s next birthday party? Want to combine learning and fun? Let Mind Lab enrich your next birthday party with our unique programs. Our professional and certified instructors come prepared with engaging, age-appropriate, dynamic activities that will be sure to make your child’s birthday extra memorable! Contact us for more details, packages and pricing.

Check out the Mind Lab Birthday Invitation, which can be customized to your party.

Book your STEM In-House Field Trip Today!

We come to you! Our unique Mind Lab Methodology is designed to address STEM learning targets. Check out our colorful brochure for more information!

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